Todays temptation: Big Sur

Who is updating today?

I’ll probably pull the trigger after midnight. Currently working an on-call shift so can’t have any interruptions at this point. I usually tend to update every time within the first 24 hours, never had any issues.

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Hi Pete,

Currently downloading…


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Nice mate,

I normally say I will hold off, but I feel like I am pressing the button as soon as my TimeMachine finishes backing up :rofl: :rofl:

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However, it is not on my main computer.

Downloading on a late 2015 iMac 21" first, but as you can imagine the download is really slow although I am on a 1G Fiber speed. LOL

Are you guys crazy or what??? :crazy_face:

Bravest bunch of souls I’ve even known! :rofl: :rofl:


I have a 1G fibre connection too. If I was working on client stuff today I would be holding off.


:rofl: :rofl:

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Almost 1 G done LOL…

It is getting faster finally

Lucky to have 3 working Macs…


The only spare Mac I have is a 2010 Mac mini, not sure it will cut it :wink:

I gave my other MacBook Pro to my daughter.

Only 21 hours remaining …

Apparently out of luck for that one.

2.56 GB now out of 12.18

I managed to get Calalina running on it. Its not an athlete thats for sure.

3.84 GB now so it is going faster

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I need to do some checking first for the main apps I use, make sure they have all been updated for Big Sur.

I’ll skip on my main machine until summer 2021 but I have my laptop running it :nerd_face:

Anyone getting an M1 Mac? Those MacBook Air bench tests are impressive :star_struck:

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The M1 looks really impressive.

I wont be any time soon. I may consider a Gen 2 for a Dev machine at home, I was thinking a Mac mini.


Waiting for the iMac version, then I’ll be jumping the gun! Look really good

I need one. kinda feels like only the beginning of the retool though. I fear that the next batch will be the ones :star_struck:


Well good old Apple - « Installation failed : An error occurred while installing the selected updates »

Okay so now cannot download it anymore. At least this iMac is on latest Catalina version 10.15.7 and working.

Actually it appears many have had the same issue as I can see on Twitter and Apple site

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