Tool tips in class manager

When hovering over an item in the class manager it would be really helpful if a tool tip explained what each class does in plain English.



Brilliant idea!

@Flashman, are you talking about the standard Bootstrap classes only, or having an option to add notes to a custom class?

I mainly intended the standard ones that have fairly meaningless names to anybody who is not fluent in Klingon. Being able to add notes to our own custom classes might be useful. In my case I name them in way that the title becomes the note.

yeah me too.

Funny how things happen @Flashman, someone just posted for help to change the special mobile menu.

As you pointed out, the Class manager has nice names for the Sub classes, but they don’t necessarily make it easy for someone new to match the bootstrap class with the readable sub class name.

+1 for the wish list.

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