Tutorials? Videos? Anything?

Can anyone point me to tutorials, hopefully videos, for the very basics of getting started with Blocs?

I’ve tried to adopt my usual approach to such things, jump straight in, but it’s not working out!

I’ve searched and found links to review videos, paid for video courses and some videos that deal very broadly with certain aspects, but I’m looking for some tutorial which deals with the absolute basics and explains the build structures of Blocs.

I’ve hunted over the main website and found nothing. Does anything exist?


Hi Steve. You can check these video’s from Eldar. Very helpfull and great to learn Blocs. https://eldar.podia.com/

Thanks, found them, and I’m sure they’re good, but I’m not invested in Blocs yet, still trying to work out if I’ll be moving on from the trail version, so at this point I’m looking for free tutorials.

Hello @SteveB, habe a look at @Eldar youtube channel. There you find also free video tutorials about blocs. https://www.youtube.com/user/GezalovEF

Thanks, unless I missed it though the best I can find to anything covering the basics is a Blocs 3 review, which only skirts over things.

I’m looking for something, anything, covering the very basics of starting a project and building out the page structure.

Hi Steve,

I did have this type of free course for Blocs 2, it’s still might be very useful to you. https://eldar.podia.com/start

I will also release the similar free course for Blocs 3 next week.


In terms of building structures it won’t be much different from Rapidweaver in the sense that you can add 2 or 3 column blocs for example. You can switch to different breakpoints and drag those column widths by hand to fit the width you want with instant results.

I would suggest that Blocs is much easier and faster to organise using order and offset from the side panel with instant feedback in edit mode, compared to push and pull with Foundation, followed by a month long wait for the preview.

The project settings side is rather like site settings in Foundation, except that it is centralised and doesn’t need to be added manually on each page. Again to bake in those settings to text for example switch to a different view while the project settings are open and the edits will be saved automatically.

If Eldar is releasing a basic course for Blocs 3 next week I think you will find that tremendously helpful. This video was created when Blocs 3 was first released and things have moved on a lot in 4 months, but it should help with some basics