Update: Offcanvas Helper v1.1.3

Offcanvas Helper has just been update to v1.1.3

This has a fix for a rogue [aria-*] attribute and another little menace* in the Bric’s HTML. :grimacing:

Something cool with this one, and it could be a Bric first? :man_shrugging: I have added what I am calling Smart Revision. Normally when the HTML section of a bric is modified in an update, it required the bric to be reset, as you know that sucks, you loose your settings and have to set it up again.

Smart Revision will detect the outdated HTML, amend it, and preserve your settings.

This is run when the Bric is selected, and will alert you like this if ran…

** Thanks @Flashman for finding this issue and helping me isolate it.

Find out more / buy Offcanvas Helper here


That’s a cool idea!


You can steal the name if you want, or come up with something better for your marketing :rofl: Since I am implementing Smart Detect, Smart Indexing… in my brics

Royalties are $1 per update. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you Pete, for your dedication to making sure your work is up to date. Smart Detect is marketable to other Bric designers.

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Any chance that there will be a subscription option as well? :grin:

You can pre-pay for Smart Revision usage in Zoom Pro. I do 500 update blocks. Valid for a month, no roll over. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Discounted to $499.50

I would need about 1000 monthly. I’m sure you can do a better offer.
Bric sales are booming! :innocent: :moneybag: :bomb: Not sure about yours though. :thinking:


That’s automatically renewable I imagine with 30 days notice of cancellation required.

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WOW…what a bargain!!! :moneybag:

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