Update: Swiffy Carousel v1.2

Hi I’ve now released Swiffy Carousel 1.2

What’s New in 1.2?

  • Fix: Lightbox arrows are working now.
  • New: Support for Lightbox gallery id, now you can make different galleries.
  • New: Support for Blocs modal as well as Modal Designer.
  • New: Option to change the padding of cards at large sizes.
  • Removed: Ratio support was removed because it was difficult to use.

You can get the update through the Blocs Extension Manager or download from your Gumroad library.


I forgot to mention that this new version does require you to reset the bric. Unfortunately it was necessary, but I got so many request for the modal support. Right click on the Swiffy Carousel bric and choose Reset Custom Bric > All.


Brilliant work !! and guess what ! - I am now able to add more content to the Bric!!! Rebuilt it all and its perfect - thanks @Whittfield

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Is there any way preventing the shadow from being cropped on the left and right?

No, that’s just how it works.

I don’t know where you find the time to keep up your projects, but I am grateful.

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Thanks for letting me know.


Quick question:
How do I get a simple paragraph in my text (caption area) in Swiffy Carousel…for example for a price quote? HTML text is not working here! Does that only work if you use the div box?

The Blocs Edit/Undo feature doesn’t work for me when I use Swiffy Carousel?

I’m unable to Link a button in the div box?

Thanks in advance!

I’m using: Blocs 4.5.2, Swiffy Carousel 1.2


I have a problem that persists even with the latest updates. I have show body deselected, nevertheless it still gets rendered. I let the borders on on the screenshot to give you a better understanding. I cant get rid of the body. In the previous release it disappeared after interacting with the slider - causing a layout shift. this was caused by .card having flex-direction: column. Deselecting solved the problem. Sadly thats not possible in the new release.

Any thoughts on why this is happening?



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There seems to be a problem with your install. I can’t reproduce the problems your having.

Assuming you have the latest version of Blocs and Swiffy, Try a new project just to test things out. If you still have issues I would delete the bric and reinstall.

Hey, I removed and reinstalled Blocs and Swiffy. Sadly to no avail. Could you take a look at: http://www.waresforweirdos.com/

user: client
password: portfolio2022




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This is on a fresh install of the brick in its latest version btw. I just reinstalled everything once more, including Blocs itself. Could this be a problem related to the lightbox?

I’m having trouble with configuration in different screen sizes. I can’t change title font-size using classes, and I can’t find the way to show more than one item on screens in MD - SM - XS.
Maybe some one can have a tip on this??

That because you’re using Bootstrap 4. Please update the project to Boostrap 5 and it will work.

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You might using a narrow column on those Breakpoints. The column size will ultimately effect the display. Try tweaking the column widths for those breakpoints and let me know if that helps.

In case I’m wrong, if you’ve got a link to share of send me your project via email I’ll sort it out.

Hey @Whittfield. Sry to bother you again. Theres seems to be an issue with the frontend display of the Bric. I doesn’t display any images (it did before). See screenshot.

The horizontal scroll ist busted as well, it no longer shows the starting or the ending image as a whole.

Ist this something you can replicate?

Many thx,


Running the latest version of Blocs 4 with Bootstrap 5.

Do you have a link or a project for me to look at?

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The current live site for comparison is https://www.ideaagency.at/

Thank you for checking this out @Whittfield!

I’m not sure what I’m looking for. Nice site by the way.

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