Updates to my custom brics

I’ve recently realized there’s are some updates required on several of my brics. Since some updates to blocs were made. Please bare with me while I go through make all the appropriate updates. I appreciate your patience!



If you can start with Swiffy & Tab everything … card designer looks working …

Take whatever time you need. Thanks for your open communication :smiley:

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Thanks for keeping things fresh

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I started a new project and Tab anything did not worked.
I updated an old project and Tab anything worked.

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Gosh… I use tab Anything pro all over the place. Seems to be working for me at the moment.

Rich the Weather Guy

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Tab Anything is working also, and Swiffy too.

I think maybe try a new project and just set up either bric. That way we’re level set and we’ll go from there.

I’ve now updated Smart Nav and Read More. I’ve tested Swiffy and Tab Anything so far I haven’t found issues. Maybe the folks who posted about those 2 are isolated, we’ll see.

When you start a new project with bootstrap 5 and you place tab anything it doesnt work (It “works” and you see only one tab, but no the tab bric)

Captura de Pantalla 2023-01-22 a la(s) 21.15.30

When you start a new proejct with boostrap 4 or update and old one it works fine.

I think you should update the bric for bootstrap 5. I tried changing the bric info with support to BS 5 and 4 and it does the same

Can you provide a screen or video? I’m not experiencing this.

Yes, take a look here.

I tried changing the framework from Bs4 to all in the bric builder but it does the same

::UPDATE:: I see there is a thread for smart nav bric telling to update the bric from gumroad.

I assumed blocs has an update notification for newer brics but Its not working so I downloaded from gumroad the latest version 1.7.2 (mine was 1.5) and now its working.

Now I have to do the same with all my older brics

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Good to know. I’m sorry about the confusion. Thanks for confriming.


Is it possible to know the latest version of each custom brics so that we can check easily.

A lot of weird things happen with Swiffy Carousel - Blocs 5.0.4 and Swiffy 1.2 …

  1. first when trying to edit directly in the html tree, It crashes or don’t work
  2. sometimes I have 2 images (slides) and the preview show … 3 … here a video Dropbox - bugs.mp4 - Simplify your life
  3. If I add content in the content area … Sometimes I can not edit the content on the 3 or 4 slides if I have 5 slides …

Here you go. I’ll get these up on the site.

Smart Nav v1.5
Swiffy Carousel 1.2
Tab Anything Pro 1.7.2
Read More 1.4
Card Designer 1.6.1
Media Query for Blocs 1.1
Scroll FX 2.1
Cadence 1.0
Timeline 2.0
Testimonial 1.1
Progress Chart 1.0
Modal Designer 1.0
TextBloc 2.1



Will they be updateable from the program?

All the latest versions have updates from extension manager. But it depends on what version you are updating from (for older brics).

Tab Anything Pro is stuck at 1.61for me using Blocs 5–1.72 does not show in Updates!

Sorry … Swiffy Carousel 1.2 + Last beta 5.05 … same things …