Upgrading to bootstrap 5 killed lots

So, thankfully I’ve had some quiet days with the chap pushing content to me, but had carried out a couple of hours work when i noticed that a lot of things were not working anymore. The search functionality, the hamburger on mobile view etc. I narrowed it down to me upgrading the project to bootstrap 5. What a pain in the backside.

Thankfully i was able to pull a back up from a few days earlier before i upgraded and only took me a few more hours to put right.

Lesson…… dont upgrade to bootstrap 5 (at least not for a long time)

Well, I’ve upgraded several sites to Bootstrap 5 and have not regret doing so one moment. Obviously amendments need to be made when upgrading from 4 to 5 but all the new features make up for it!

Glad it worked for you, but sadly i just couldn’t get it to work properly my end. Not an experienced programmer so when things dont work as they should i have no idea how to troubleshoot them. Hence the rollback

It’s the same with me as with Jeery. However, it is also like Recce43. Quite a few sites go fine after migrating to Bootstrap v5. “More extensive” ones don’t. The more manual interventions and the more javascript the more it sticks. I think this is normal, for me as expected and has nothing to do with the Blocs app. Major updates to frameworks rarely happen completely silently…

I would like to point out that almost all of them are more designers than coders. (That’s why you’re at Blocs, among others) Maybe new versions should only go out if the “simple souls” for us / I :slight_smile: are also running.

I should reiterate the fact that Bootstrap 4 is still perfectly good and technically better supported across older browsers.

In my opinion the major benefit to moving to Bootstrap 5 is the fact it no longer uses jQuery. If you use a custom Bric or any custom code that requires jQuery then you may as well stay on Bootstrap 4 as you are losing the major benefit.

Also remember migrating sites to new frameworks is a huge task and you should allocate weeks to test after migration.

We wont migrate the main Blocs website until later in the year, because everything needs to be retested. It’s a quick job to migrate but a long job to test.


Thanks for the realistic overview Norm.

For those who are building a site from scratch, would Bootstrap 5 be ok?

yeah sure, Bootstrap 5 is fine for new sites (and old ones that are correctly tested), although you may as well wait for 4.2.1 as that has the official Bootstrap 5 release version.


Thanks Norm, in that case I’d rather wait for 4.2.1

I’m not a coder so I need to be careful, although I have been picking up basic bits and pieces as I started to use Blocs.


Just tried migrating my website to Bootstrap 5, quickly put it back to 4 and shut that little Pandora’s box nice and tight and put it on a shelf marked “do not open - ever” :laughing:

If I make new sites I will use it there, but keeping this one on 4 for the foreseeable

We also have a migration help knowledge base post, this may be helpful.

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Unless you have lots of custom code, migrating to BS5 is generally a piece of cake. I have migrated a couple dozen sites with no stress or difficulty.