Video about creating a Custom Bric


I would appreciate it if someone could make a video or a detailed manual with examples that showed the complete process of creating a simple custom bric. HTML, CSS and JS are not the problem, but the exact procedures are not clear.

Any tutorial how to create custom bric

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Indeed it would be greatly appreciated.



Hello @Horman and @MDS,

I made a video, how to create a bric, but unfortunately my Mac now gets a Kernal Panic error when 100% CPU are reached :-/ Does anyone has Screenflow to convert the video?

Otherwise I only can upload it here after I will get my mac back from reparation.


I have screenflow on my old iMac, but it’s version 4.5.4. If you have a newer version I probably cannot open it.


Hello @Flashman, I have version 8. I send you a pm.


Hi Claude @webplus

That’s great. I would be very thankful if I could get a copy of your video as well.

What is the original format and what format did you want to convert it to ?




Oh, that’s great, thanks a lot :grinning: Can’t wait to get the video.


Btw.@Norm It’s time to force development of the api including useful tutorials, videos and examples.


This would be very handy indeed, ive tried one or twice without success


Hi Everyone

Providing the following on behalf of @webplus:

Video link:

Custom Bric completed bex file:



Thank you so much for your help :+1: :hugs:


@webplus that’s very really cool of you to put that together. Thank you :smile:


You are welcome :slight_smile:


AWESOME!!! Thanks to you and Webplus. :pray::pray::pray:


Hi @Horman @KBConcepts @DanielF

Oh I am just the messenger here. All the merit and thanks are to be addressed to @webplus



Thank you too @MDS finding a solution to convert the video and for making it available on your Dropbox, and for all the support you give every day to the community :slight_smile:


My pleasure :innocent:



Sorry, of course my thanks go to @webplus too. Many many thanks. Today gonna start learning. :hugs:


Thank you @webplus and thank you @MDS,

  • I really like that there is someone, that take out the bricks from the shadows. Hope that now there is more contribution in this forum for this subject.
  • I think that BlocsApp have a script that if someone try to record the screen with the brick editor opened, gives a “Kernal Panic”… :smile:


Thanks for the wonderful tutorial! I installed your Moving Header Bric and have not been able to make it work on the latest version of Blocs. Seems really straightforward. Are there any modifications I’m not taking into consideration here?


Hello @blocman94,

starting with version 3.2.4 it is not possible any more to add jquery code directly in the html tab. You have to add this code now in a separated file and add this file to the resources tab.

When finding some time in the next weeks, I will make a new video, including the changes to be compatible the the latest Blocs API changes.