Warning No Preview in Blocs or Browsers for Blocs 5.2.1

I updated to release 5.2.1 and something I’ve never seen before. I thought I messaged @Norm, but could not locate the link. No preview anywhere, but Solis works. LOL
Anyone have this happen to them? What is the step to fix it.

I’m not sure why you have that IP number in the preview. Try it with http://localhost:8080/index.php

Changed and it does nothing

Did you refresh the page?

Yes and cleared cache

Try sending in a support ticket, though sometimes things like this are fixed by restarting the computer.

I have done that, plus I sent this forum link to Norm.

I recently moved to 5.2.1 as well, but I am not seeing this problem.

Rich the Weather Guy

I cannot setup DeSpam, because I cannot use preview. :woozy_face:

@Bill for reason I thought I could upload the site and then setup DeSpam.
There Was an Error in Setting Up the Page - Please Try Again

@KBConcepts as per Bill’s FAQ section, you need to publish your site, to setup DeSpam, it doesn’t work in preview.

I did publish it and DeSpam did not work. I mentioned this earlier. By the way, Blocs preview or any Browser comes up blank. Not sure if you read @Flashman comment an IP number shows up in the preview. That is strange.

I switched the Previewing Type to File Preview and the site loads the static file during preview. Not sure what the limitation are though.

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You changed your post :smile:

But, I went off this…

What happens if you switch it back?

I remember something a while back where this happened, and switch and switching back resolved it.

I wish it would have. Any idea why an IP shows up?

No idea sorry, we can only try things… it falls into Norms department.

@KBConcepts I have just encountered some preview issues myself, but going back to 5.1.5 fixes it. You might want to try that and see if it helps until this is resolved.

Thank you, I will give that a try.

Just confirm it, you are correct. Thank you for letting me know.
No need for @Norm to reply to my message. Warning this issue needs to get repaired.

It was working OK for me, until I tried Volt and then I had no preview. Fortunately @Jannis released a prompt update and Norm is aware of the situation, so I am sure he is looking at this.

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