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Already using a provider for hosting my website but looking to move due to the fact they are not really any good in providing tech support for side server tasks. ie if you want to remove the html or php suffix or 301 redirects etc.
What have other users found when using other hosting services like GoDaddy and 1&1 etc. Whats the service like? Community forum? Tech Support?

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It depends on your needs are etc, but for shared hosting I’ve been pretty happy with Kualo for the last couple of years. They include a lot of extras for the money like CloudFlare integration with Railgun and I generally get an initial email reply in about 15 minutes 24/7.

My side was fairly complex when moving from a VPS, but for client sites I’ve never had to contact them.

Basically its for my own website. Was looking at the likes of cPanel etc and GoDaddys community forum looks ok. Changed from Windows hosting to Linux with provider to setup in htaccess the basic script to hide the html and php extensions that you find floating about after a google search (didn’t work) and trying to speak to there tech support to be able to do this was like talking to a brick wall.

Hi, try the priemium hosting service for blocs. Blocs hosting www.blocshosting.com. We specialise ourselves in providing legendary customer service to our users as well as our exclusive site upload tool which makes uploading sites easy. Our clients are very happy with the service to date and being only a small but knowledgeable company. Give us a try and use code launch for £2 off a month :blush:

Sales people :zipper_mouth_face:

Guru hosting for me in the UK

webfaction - unlimited domains, cross connect domains with applications.

Not heard of Guru before but they sound quite good from what I’ve seen on the website. What are they like for support?

Very good for support. Used to be with Vidahost (now TSOhost) and they are shambles. Usually get a reply within 5 minutes and all are very helpful and know what they’re talking about.

They let me transfer my hosting package from one account to another and then migrated a website for me quickly and efficiently with no problems.

Guru looks interesting, what are they like for setting up 301 redirects etc on the server?

Thanks I’ve bookmarked them for future reference. I’m generally happy with Kualo, who include Lightspeed and Cloudflare integration with free Railgun support in the basic business package, but my particular server went through a patch of unreliability a few months back. They also include professional grade spam filtering that goes far beyond anything I’ve experienced before. I used to have a VPS with FutureHosting but it was overkill for what I need.

Kualo as well, but I would like to change it. As much as I read online, mainly on https://www.m2media.com.au/australian-wordpress-hosting/, SiteGround is the best hosting based on price, and A2Hosting is the best hosting for storage. From the reviews, both of them seem to be great, but I think SiteGround is a better option for me because it’s for both, WordPress and non-WordPress websites, and it’s also faster than other hosting providers. Have you guys tried any of these two? I’d appreciate any feedback on this topic.

I have use this company since 1991 they are very stable. I don’t know of anyone else who offers such a great and affordable plan.
https://bit.ly/2GZ1QAL Referral link

@KBConcepts is that a referral link you posted? You should mention that :wink:

I use A2, They have been great, I switched last year to them.

I checked it out and it way too expensive @Malachiman

But with your hosting you don’t get a supplier with a website thats responsive :crazy_face: :rofl:

Not sure why you’re saying that. My sites are responsive.

I was referring to PowWebs website. I think they need to update it.

LOL I did not check that out. I’ll pass that onto them.

You can tell by just looking at it. Not to mention their HTML has references it IE 7, I would not be recommending them.