What custom brics would you like?

Hi all,

Hope you are all well and everyone & family’s are getting back to some form of normality since the pandemic.

I always sit and think when building websites many times that I wish there is w bric for certain things.

So I wanted to see what brics the rest of our amazing community/group would love to see!?

I’ll start:

1: I’d love to see a much better image slider/slideshow/carousel with easier options for left & right icons styles - colours etc. I’d love it to be fully loaded with cool transition option, centre image - logo - text to have it larger. A bric bursting with options straight out of box! Testimonials etc would be so much easier.

2: This is a blocs enhancement but I’d love to see built in blocs the option of built in FTP publishing. I found this really useful in Rapidweaver as making a simple change to one page made just that page could be updated. If this could be a bric/block added in the global area that opens this up!!?

3: @Malachiman is working away on this one!

4: I’d love to see a gallery bric fully loaded with options to make it come alive!

5: I think an updated flip box bursting with styles like 3D effects etc. Some you see online are just stunning, but thing this would be huge in blocs as a custom bric.

6: pop up modal after on a page after a certain time and select which pages to trigger these on. Be great for sales, call to action etc

7: Sitelok bric with features to use custom logins within blocs.

These are just some that spring to mind for now! Yes I know these can be done with code and lots of tweaking - but I’m sure many will agree we need more simplicity in our work flow….@norm, @Malachiman , @InStacks , @Whittfield , @Lucas - hope my list and other peoples will be of interest for your amazing work! I’d pay for any of the above!


I’d love to see something like image overlay or card designer with a ‘download’ button. I know we could use a url but for me the ‘download’ element of blocs works well and adding a url is a few steps for the number of downloads I have

  • Advanced Contact Form bric (with file upload, etc).
  • Social Sharing bric

No, that will not work. Adding FTP functionality is a core task. Which IMO should not be added, as it will raise the support issues a lot.


Fully compliant cookie consent management.


@Malachiman is working on a much desired Bric that deal with having to many videos on a page when using using embedded code. His Bric is going to prevent lag. The performance so much better.

+1 for no.4

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Hey @Malachiman, How is this project coming?

  1. Card Designer 2 might something to look out for it’s still a while off, but it pretty awesome.

  2. Also, you won’t find a more flexible solution than Tab Anything Pro. You can build the type of Slides that rival Revolution Slider. Why? Because it doesn’t care about your content. It can be literally anything including entire sections or pages. The decoupling of content and navigation is freedom.

Cadence is in the Blocs store now.


Modal Designer is coming this week :clap:t5:

SideBloc is coming later this month. :crossed_fingers:t5:

That’s about it for this month.


Hey @Whittfield , your brics are sure ticking a lot of my requested ones! and with another one coming out from someone on here ! its soon to be fully ticked !! haha

And some great teasers on your post of Card Designer 2 ! SideBloc!?..Modal Designer!!!
Cadence is one I will buy soon as I need it - which is soon from some plans I have !

Keep firing them out my friends! - this is pure class!

This sounds interesting, I would love to see if anyone has this done in a way like this?

Thanks so much !

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I like this thread Adie…
My problem is simple…it is hard for a non programmer like me to visualize what I want my web site to look like, when I don’t really know what is possible.
Great Brics like the ones Whittfield comes up with are most welcome, and used. Obviously there are others.
I need an editable “Read more” bric and a table bloc. Your gallery bric is a good one, and Whittfield’s “sidebloc” is intriguing, but I have no idea what that might be.
I would say, if you look at all of the “Stacks” over in the foundations world, I’d like to see those ported over. "Peek a Boo, is a stack I own, as is “Floaty” their image gallery stack is nice, and I own it…I would say I want what they have, in Blocs.
Now that isn’t to say we are short changed somehow. It is impressive what already comes with Blocs, and if you can get the hang of “classes” the sky is the limit.
Now, having said that, I would prefer not to get too “chummy” with classes, I’d rather be spoon fed on some of this stuff. But that is me…and those are my thoughts.

Rich the Weatherguy

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Hi Whittfield:

Any hint at what “Sidebloc” is?
I am about to rework my home page, put a modal up there for my text since “Read more” just doesn’t cut it for me at the moment. If this is a bloc that slides out from the side, I’d wait for that rather than go the modal route.

How about a hint… :question: :anguished:

Rich, the weather guy

Hi guys, its been a long time coming, and its been slowed down a little recently due to some health issues. So I thought I would share a Sneak Peak of Any Video. Still in testing, being tweaked, but hopefully ready to go soon.

Take a peak…


I didn’t notice anything dealing with the timing (lazy loading) of the videos?

Videos load on demand. The only initial page load is the poster.


That’s Awesome @Malachiman! There has been so much talking about this Bric. Hope it will see the light soon. :pray:

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Can’t wait to buy it!


I’d like a brick that controls VIDEO or IMAGE SEQUENCES “ON SCROLL SYNC” like something that already exists for other web builder solutions like Elementor etc.

here some examples:

Widgets - image sequence player

Scrollsequence Plugin for WP

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Looks great ! plus LOVE the new look intro to your videos…how you do that !?.lol

Pleased to quote you. Just PM me :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: