What stuff can you add to Blocs? (to a website)

Hi guys, I got questions
I still don’t know many things in Blocs so you guys are the experts.
1- can you add gifs?
2- can you add Hype animations (it may included links)
3- can you add a ppt or keynote or an interactive pdf made for example in InDesign? or other app?
4- what about videos to be played? Blocs has a player?
5- can you make a website with membership? people can become a member and can log-in etc…
6- can you add a form brick? or bloc …

I’m using 2.6 and I didn’t upgrade to 3 yet because I want a very very stable version such 3.2 super stable or 3.5 super stable or such

Which version is the one that can answer these questions? Should I update to 3 now? I saw so many people with topics about bugs and I see Blocs 3 is still in its 3.1 BETA stage.


PS: I have a million questions but I don’t know, these few come to my mind now…

Hi victor@vmcv

I’ll give a try to modestly respond to your questions though I am not an expert. :wink:

  1. yes, you can add gifs using the image bric

  2. yes, you can add Hype animations, using the code widget

  3. not sure what you want to achieve her exactly, but you can have pdfs for sure…

  4. yes, there is a video player included, you can add videos (video bric) but also video backgrounds

  5. I have been using Sitelok from Vibralogix to achieve this and it works great: https://www.vibralogix.com/sitelokpw/ The price is very reasonable, in my opinion.

  6. yes, forms are available via the form bric which can be fully customized

Additionally, all this can already be achieved in Blocs 2.6. However, Blocs 3 far more interesting using Bootstrap 4.

Furthermore, there have been actually only a few bugs with Blocs 3 (normal for this kind of leap forward) and they have to my understanding all been corrected in latest beta build. I have myself using the beta 6 and it is stable for me although I always make sure to keep backups.

To note that @Norm is not only correcting bugs but at the same time always adding new features so this may be why you are under the impression that it may not be stable. I believe that Blocs 3.1 will already be stable enough for you to use.

Voilà my 2 cents - hope this is useful.


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Thanks a lot! nice

About the interactive pdf: you can make an interactive pdf in InDesdign (and I guess other apps) so what I mean is that you can add this interactive pdf into a bloc or brick or whatever is the way. People can click an see and interact with the PDF… is it possible?
I’m horrible at coding…I’m a 100% designer… just know very very little of html5 … so if I can add a Hype animation using the code widget… how to do it? how to add it? thanks!

Hi @vmcv

With respect to the interactive pdf you may wish to have a look at this recent post:

My understanding so far with Blocs is that almost everything is possible, it may just take a little more work to implement. But so far my experience with Blocs is that it is more powerful than what most people think.

With respect to non-coding, you will see that the forum has a lot of members willing to assist non-coders and provide the necessary lines of code and how to use them.

With respect to Hype, Tumult provides the information on how to implement but we also have members like @hendon52 who has assisted other members with the implementation. You can check the following post:

Once you are ready just provide the necessary information and request help on the forum.


Thanks you always so helpful!

My pleasure.

You’re welcome.