Whats your Fav mouse to use?

I have used the usual Magic Mouse for many years, but keen to look for a better ergonomic solution. I also find they are loud to use.

What brand / model do you recommend?

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Logitech MX Master 2 or 3


Is that the one you had in your recent video using your iPhone 12 @Eldar?

Yeah, that’s the one. I’m usually using the touchpad on my MacBooks for everything, but that’s the only mouse which is more comfortable than touchpad for me. By the way, it’s the 2 version, I heard 3 is even better

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Wacom Tablet!!!
(sorry Pete, never use a mouse)

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Nice what model do you have.

Tecknet MD12 has been good and cheap. Having fairly small hands I picked up a Jelly Comb MV009, which is even better with softer touch buttons and they do larger alternatives with the same basic design. Either of these makes the much more expensive Magic Mouse feel pretty hopeless in terms of comfort and they glide across the surface more smoothly.

Beware of so called ergonomic alternatives where the shape it too vertical and looks like a shark fin. They can force the hand into an unnatural position.

I have a Wacom as well, but this is reserved for photo retouching and that sort of thing. I find the pen a bit awkward for web design work.

N.B You don’t need to spend a fortune to find a good mouse, but it will probably take you an hour or two of use before you know whether something is right for you. Whatever you choose will feel a bit strange at first.


The medium Wacom Intuos, pretty much an A5 working area on it. It’s because my primary work is illustration I have this.
Some friends were trying to talk me into a larger one, but I found them too unwieldy when I tried them. This one suits me and sits on the desk nicely without taking up a load of space.
I believe you can also get a mouse that works with it, but not sure about that.

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I like steelseries.com stuff.

Trackpad, loads of keyboard shortcuts and the odd Magic Mouse. Even when I’m designing with AutoCad.

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Tried many, always liked the Magic Mouse etc, then went onto MX Master’s and now recently MX Vertical and I love it! Didn’t take long to get used to, which I thought would be an issue very accurate and much less fatigue during long use.

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Checking out the MX Master 3, it seems to rate very well. Best price I can find in NZ is $175. Small price to pay for preserving your wrists.
It seems like the Magic Mouse is killing mine lol.

I’m using the trackball mouse MX Ergo in conjunction with my MBPs trackpad. Works very well for me. Even for the casual ESO sessions :slight_smile:

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The Logitech MX series seems to be popular.

I think you can get MX Master 2S for half of that price, and it is still very good when it comes to preserving your wrists.

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Seems to be $140 in New Zealand. Only $35 odd cheaper than the 3.

What’s wrong with this one guys?

I take it your didn’t read the thread @KBConcepts :wink:

That’s a decent one not too expensive.

How do you find using Blocs with a Wacom?

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