White border in full image

Hello everyone, does anyone know how to remove this white line, which appears between blocks? I have the image at full, without border! it is the second time it appears even if the block does not have any margin

any help is welcome

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Hi @nelo

Apparently this is a bug that has been reported on the latest version, see previous post.


I really hope that this will be fixed very soon.
Did the same way as @Eldar but I am worried that as soon as the bug is fixed I have to work again on each device size an redo the margin settings wich are set to avoid the white gap.

Hi Karl @pixelwork

I understand yet I have never encoutered the issue myself. I suspect it may have to do with the fashion in which people create their page.


I have it too. Especially underneath every video. It appears always when I set the padding of the bloc to none. The bloc connection works fine, if the padding is set to 20px or larger.

Once it happened, that I had the white horizontal stripe miraculously (because I don’t know what I did, other than swearing) disappeared after I inserted and deleted extra blocs.

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help but let’s hope it gets solutions in the next update

Indeed :grinning:
Currently there are too many glitches for me to start or redo projects although the new workflow is a huge improvement compared to version 2.
Trusting in @Norm and this forum very much though.