Wish list (brainstorm)

Dear All,

Rather than creating several post Wish feature, I allow myself to create this one where I will gradually swing ideas/wishes/reflections in brainstorm mode (whose interest is that even a zero idea can cause a great idea) without consideration of the development but the POV of a user also creative.
There will certainly be impossible stuff, other idiots, and others may be added value to Blocs.app.
@ team, if this post Wish have no interest (you may already have precise wish/pipeline evolution…), please tell me (absolutely no susceptibility, just that I would’nt loose time)
@ Passage readers, your possible likes can bring the interest for the team (?)

Sorry for non fluent, if I had to translate or effort it’d be lot of time.

Layer Hidden icon

Keeping this “hidden” icone visible when brics/blocs/pebbles :slightly_smiling_face: hidden ?
It’d avoid to go to left frame and hover on “layers” to know wich one is showed/hidden, and when plenty of “layers” with lots of them hidden, it’d be usefull.

Capture d’écran 2024-04-09 à 12.30.39

Blocs, Brics, Pebbles… and Bloc Plus

Those would be exportable, with then a gain of powerfull for managing all of them in Finder ; external access with… Bloc Plus.

  • FileABC.bloc
  • FileDEF.bric
  • FileGHI.pebble

Not suscriber yet to Bloc Plus, with this feat, I’d suscribe immediatly.

:pray: Pebbles (?)

My conviction (so many times missed it spontaneously, when there is a need… ) : the interest of this (snippets/widgets… “littler” than Brics) is to give more possibility for non coders (even coders and faster), by simply drag’n drop some functions ans possibilities in continuous to Blocs.app how-to.

Process : as for brics, to be [+] clicked (drag’n droped all Brics/Blocs/Pebble from left frame would be huge), with parameters in right frame for each of them.

Randoming (image, text… even Brics…)

As for carousel, a menu list of “object” to be added, appearing randomly.
Let’s take the word “slide” for each sequence :

  • Hn/text : a random hook slogan in header (eg)
  • Image : a logo img with different colors (eg)
  • Css :rocket: : each slide with a .css field for css to be pasted, then it’b so cool with as eg random background gradient fx, also random font with respective random fx (H1 headder blured > shadow > colored red > etc)
  • Etc, even Hr (colors), etc
  • Blocs ans brics :rocket: : even them why not ?

Right frame (:bulb:) :
For each slide, a menu-list recuperating all blocs or brics created in the project… don’t know.
Btw on that, won’t spread me if it does not interest as impossible.

Redirecting page

Right-frame :

  • Delay (eg, letting 5 sec for viewer to read few words…)
  • Target (…and then redirected to internal page, Htts, etc. (Code recovery of Menu links)

Loader .css

Plenty of stunning and proper loaders in css.

Drag’in a page as Bric’s function,

Right-frame :

  • Parameters
    – Style fx
    – Color
  • Speed
  • Or paste .css

Scroll to top button

Rather than having to get the dedicated pseudo-class, then learning, customising, testing, re-changing etc.

Right frame :

  • Button’s shape (circle, square… overide basi button code)
  • Colors background (shape)
  • Color Arrow
  • Positioning


Same as for ScrollToTop with same code, just :

  • “Background” : not the button but the verrtical line
  • “Arrow” : the bar
    And of course :
  • Colors
  • Size
  • etc.

Text selection

Easy, two things with color selection

  • Background selection
  • Text selection

Why not also font change selection ?


( Realising, in fact, thos “Pebbles” what ever the name woudd be a good time saver and gain for non coders with “outside” things… )

For a body customised ; saw some original bodies…

Right frame :

  • Color
  • Radius
  • Some basics ready-to animations (colors changing, img changing…)
  • Css :rocket: for advanced animations
  • Fx transition (menu list with Fx selections : fading…)

Yes there is the code editor, but again, for none coders, as it has a sens to get a “dedicated” “Pebble” bor the Body, no ?

Page loading

For those who didn’t know, there is a cool sub-class existing : page-preloader

By putting an image, we can get a fun thing as an equivalent of page loading as here : https://www.mapetitemairie.fr

In fact, it’s a kind of page, it’d tehn be cool to have the possibility to customize it in right frame with some basic things :

  • bckgrnd color
  • image
  • sound (“in loading”)
  • etc.

In fact, as for late Flash MX website for those who knew Mx, a great loader allows/justify a more heavy website.
With ineluctable heavier medias as increasing number in projects, a nice preloader page easily customisable in right frame could be a good point and has sens with webdesign coming evolution.

→ Loading.pebble :grin:

CSS animations

As eg. to add an background change color in bric A, or bloc C, with a simple +,

Right frame :

  • color
  • speed
  • variations
  • all classic css animations code (linear/ease, etc.)

Could be plenty of Css “pebble”, each with a specific animation fx.

3D designing as animation would become very accessibe (skew positioning a blocs, etc.) with parametering in right frame.

Background Fx

There is already this (image), but wouln’t it be great to add a dedicated background module

  • With what we have now in right fram, + more place for…
  • Menu texture selection
  • Opacity slide level (as eg, even knowing css, I do not have courage to search and do reducing opacity for test of this texture in image)
  • Scale (for very little patterns to bigger…)
  • Rotation etc basic css
  • Background color

And why not

  • All basic basic css animation feat as Scale, Move, etc.
  • Importing texture, an image in fact, but with all those easy parameters

I am convinced that these “pebbles” would bring a comparative advantage over others, and this, capitalizing on wysiwig work already done with the BRICS, would it not already be by integrating the fundamentals CSS in WYSIWIG (there is full of Online CSS Generators, Imagine each CSS generator there CSS Generators - CSS Portal as a Pebble, How Fantastic would become Blocs for non coders in term of Potential of creativity as easy how-to for cool things even basics css).
Imagine (for non -coders) : to be able in ~5 clicks to add a pebble on H1 XXL in header (or a Hn Fx pebble), and with some adjustments (sliding cursor as for social’s bric) in right frame, to add and adjust an Infinite Ease Scale of its size + external colored shadow (size as blured) etc… Btw you get the idea.


SPAN - Inner links

As eg for a long span that “underline” (bg color), with only one word link.


LI - Left by default

Maybe it was exceptionnal, by certains a < li >, text was centered ; for sure majority of use is Left, then Left bt default.

FRAME/RIGHT - Class area

Many time with one long name class or severals, it is not very practical to “get” the (x) button directly…
Wider ?


:pray: IMG - Hover change img

Rather than having to customise, change image hover (as active ?) in one click in right frame.
Easy quick images button + gain in creative design without coding.

Why not there ? “Change image”
Mouse Hover change img

:pray: LIBRARY - Multi-selection (MAJ+Click)

As for left frame layers (+Maj up <> Dwn selection)




:bulb: SPACING - “All” button

Somehow click saver…


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TXT - Hover change text

For styling fx (adding dynamism as eg on a huge h1) as for < a >, hover as active
Changing text in ~one click in right frame.

As for img (wish upper) ; then same dev-code to be used (?) for two basic and usefull fx wit no coding.

The moreover idea (of the possibility to change text with the Style pannel, is that we’d get :

  • this very used function directly in right frame in ~one click (Vs 3-5 click with pannel : opening it > hover > text > etc)
  • same stuff and how-to than with images
  • then both somehow standarded in right frame (+other hover/active fx ?)

EXPORT - Less code

When exporting pannel, a check box for “desactivating” avoidable code as the green one (img) and (possible ?) /* anything */ in .css generated.


Just to signal, the default white isn’t #FFFFFF, many times having to change it for “nothing”.
Or maybe was it wanted… ?

:pray: EXTENSION - Customisation

Creating/rename/delete/etc Extension categories.
Even better (but supposingly impossible yet as it is (?)) : drag’n drop them upper/below) ; as deleteing (restore “factory”) some default to gain space.
In fact, more powerfull/use for intense use of blocs.

(As suggested upper with externalisation, also with fils.extension ?)

What’s up with these stones?

:pray: :sparkles: COLOR - Ordering

Personnaly I strongly missed this many time, it’d be very usefull, to ordering them by drg’n drop, and then gaining in easy and fast visuallisation as coherency.

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:pray: :sparkles: BRIC - Slides

A bric with a selection of sliding, for headers…

  • Full screen possible
  • Selection of effects (as for the bootstrap animation effects) in right frame menu ( :pray: stuning/modern effects, not only “fading”, as eg img below…)
  • As for carousel : several slides off course
  • Slides (each of them) : Images, videos, Txt (easily add Hn over medias, also with effect), and why not sound (a voice different by slide, could be cool for comunicating on product/service)
  • Easy styling with a dedicated pseudo-class (blur, colors filters, etc.)

Stuning Fx there :

Ed. Such an important need for client’s project (to be able to propose modern site and productively), could be a payed bric (personnaly I’d buy such Bric 50box immediatly :hugs:, even +100$ if stunning/modern effect and easy+wide customisation.
Suggestion :

  • Slide Basic by default integrated
  • Slide+ payed with stunning Fx


PROJECT Pannel - Last tab by default

When opening it, getting last tab opened (even selection possible ? Hn…) ; lots of click to (re-)open it, having to re-going to fonts etc.


As it is yet (Vs upper sugg as external), renaming them.

LAYERS - Colors

More personnaly way to use, changing a color of a layer changes automatically all it’s children’s layer.

  • More (personnaly again) coherency “semantically”, eg : all layers concerning navbar in blue
  • Click saver (rather than to have to change colors of childrens, especially with plenty of non “concerned” layers : columns…)
  • As more usable : if someone do not want children to get same color, he just have to “cut” it and it’s children
    In fact, gain for need (as mine with my way as eg, not by a bric but by function or area) without really changing for those who do not want childrens colored (one click “cut” and that’s it)