Wwdc 2022

Only a few more days until we get to see what Apple has planned for our Macs, iPads and iPhones.

Personally, I’m hoping to see some new features for iPad that expand its functionality when it’s attached to a larger display. I believe it’s got potential to be a touch device on the go and a Mac-like device when connected to a larger display.

I’m also excited to see what’s new on the Mac, although I have no idea what to expect.

What are you most excited to see?


Craig showing Blocs on iPad :grin:


I’d rather hear Craig say,’……and now over to Norm in the north east of England to show Blocs on the iPad’. :grinning:


Making the iPad display fill the screen of an external monitor would be a good start.


You never know, maybe next year :wink:


100% agree, strong rumours some form of windows management is coming too.

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This is me dreaming away, but since we’ve seen an iOS integration in the Mac Studio Display, I’m hoping we’ll see (probably in a few years at the earliest) some Macbook Pro/iPad hybrid where the screen detaches and becomes a full iPad, while still working as a full Macbook Pro when docked.

And it seems Apple is at least looking into these options:

That would be my ultimate device, however, I’m guessing they wouldn’t want this devices consuming both their iPad and regular Macbook ranges, reducing sales on both.


I am excited about the expansion of pro functionality of iPadOS, but I am also quietly hoping for further improvements in macOS. I love my 16-inch MacBook Pro. It made me give my iPad Pro away to my father. (Hopefully, the new iPadOS will make me regret that).

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Recent article about iPad becoming more laptop like with iPadOS16. Hopefully will support larger displays like my 40" 4K display. If so, I’ll definitely check out Blocs iPad app. :slight_smile:

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Oh and one more thing I’m hoping for: a native terminal on iPad OS.


With a few caveats. Firstly, the iPad must always be “on”, not like on laptops when you can close the lid and have it in clamshell mode. Also, it’s definitely not a desktop like experience if you’ve been using Mac OS for many years. It’s definitely a step in the right direction however it won’t be replacing many pros desktop setups any time soon. I look at things like the Samsung DEX technology or even how the Surface brings a desktop class experience when connected to an external display and get very envious.

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Sure, but it is not designed to replace pro laptops. If you compare it to iPadOS 15, it is so much more capable and flexible. When I used iPad, I didn’t want to close it and use in clamshell mode, because I still wanted to have touch display time to time for some apps.

By the way, Samsung DEX was not a good experience at all (at least the first versions of it, which I have tried). But I agree that something like Surface would be great, basically full macOS in desktop mode, and full iPadOS in tablet mode. Maybe someday.

P.S. What a terrible video by Andrew. So much talking and so little showing.

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Agree on most things. TBH I was maybe expecting too much. Having Blocs run on full screen on an external display will be amazing. I will need to see some real world examples of things. TBF to the guy the video was made like an hour after WWDC so fair play to him.

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@Bootsie Have you tried Ventura yet?

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I’m not sure if I should.
Give me a second …
I think I should. :laughing:
I’ll report.


OK, I can confirm that Blocs 4.5.1 runs fine on macOS Ventura. Actually, all of my apps are running fine, but I don’t use too many 3rd party apps.


You brave soul :open_mouth:

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It may take a while due to certain circumstances.

Excellent news!