Z-index help

Hi, I have a little problem. I have a sticky navigation. Above the sticky navigation I have a bloc also sticky. I made it sticky with a code from @webplus works perfect. But when I am on Mobil and open the menu ( fullscreen menu ) that block is inside the menu on top. Is there a way to fix that for example with an z-index. For the block on the top I use a z-index with 9999999
Thanks for your help

Hello @tom2, do you have a link of a website with this problem? Try using 9999 as z-index. The mobile menu uses 10000 as z-index.

Hi @webplus !! Thanks a lot !! The Page is at the moment not online … But it works great !!! You are great!!
A short question… When I want to move the Hamburger menu a little bit down …because the logo is a little big, and the Hamburger is on the top. Looks not good. Is there a way to move it? When I use the sub-class the menu change the size and stuff like this, but I can’t move it ?!? :slight_smile: thanks again!!!

Hello @tom2, you are welcome :slight_smile: Your other problem got already resolved in an other threat, right?

Hi @webplus yes, or no … I don’t know. @Bill wrote a code …but is there a more easy way !? :thinking: do you have an idea ?
It was the question: waves over background …

You might try this…setting up a class as Norm describes in this thread post…

Then adjust the top margins down a bit in the class.

Hi there, is the Z-index number a solution to my problem?

I made a menu sticky when it reach the top of the page, but all content that is beneath the menu scrolls over the menu. Where do you put the z-index numbers in Blocs? Pleas advice, thanks for your help. @Norm @Eldar

link the the testpage