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Sep '21

@KBConcepts Why are you using the Beta then. You shouldn’t use it for production.

I can’t get this off my mind, it does not make any sense, v5 was just released and real soon a Beta/Build will be released. Are you saying we cannot use the Beta/Build for for projects?
Please clarify…

Beta or not, all programs still have troubles (less than beta of course)
but it is always known to never use a program/firmware or whatever straight after the official release of it: when you have to do something professionally important…

it is very tempting to benefit all the new features on the v5, but for an example:
if you have to establish an e-commerce few days after the release for a huge company which open its market online for the first time: think twice :slight_smile:

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Beta Versions are usually for testing new, added or fixed functionality and often provide more issues than the current release candidate. It’s fine to take your project for a spin with the Beta, but since a Beta’s functionality might change before release, it’s not advised to use it for a production site.

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So am I getting this right, you can use a Build for Production, but not a Beta?

Oh, you surely can use a Beta for a production site. It’s just not recommended :wink:

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The context was you kept having issues and it wasn’t until we asked that we discovered you were using a beta version… As mentioned above betas come with risk, and you have to be ok with things going wrong. Part of using using a beta is you contribute to to the stability of the next stable release by providing feedback of bugs and crashes.

Stable builds are better for most people, and critical builds. And in particular if you’re not sure what a beta is.


so builds are more stable to use for production, than betas

That’s the wrong terminology.

Every time a software is compiled / packaged, it’s a build. Regardless if it is an internal test build, a public beta build, or a tested and stable release build.

In addition, every build has a version number.


So from what you said, and thank you for replying, it’s okay to use a build for our projects.

Correct, as technically every software version you’re having in your hands is a build. As said, it’s all about terminology.

to be sure that we understand each other:

for a software the terminology in term of release cycle is:

it is the increment of the version of a software:
v4, v4.1, v4.1.10: they are build

the beginning of the development of a new version of a software (or when you increment a new major version (from v4 to v5 for example), a major version implement a lot of new features or a new front end or back end anyway a full of bugs and development are on the alpha version of a software
regularly this version doesn’t have all the features planned…
clearly not accessible to anyone (normally it is a build which stays internally)
not stable at all at this step

right now the software has all the features planned and the program is complete but totally not stable at all, lot of crashes, of bugs etc etc
at this time, it is clearly not public at all, but many users (developers or users close to the company who develops this software) can use this version, the deal is to find as best as possible all the bugs during a normal use: create a website from A to Z, for example
the “beta testers” try to use ALL the features and possibilities that the program allow to do…and see when it crashes :slight_smile:
not stable at all at this step

still not stable version yet but, after sometime, when almost bugs were found and solved, and when the software can be used as “normal”: making most of the use normally, the version of the soft becomes release candidate, and then the people whom are able to use it, increase: there is still bugs but they are few compared to the beta version…

this finally when the software is available to buy, and used normally
there is still a chance that a bug or a crash can exist but it is very low… as the eta and the release candidate existed to clean all the problems

it is the most recommended to everyone when you work professionally and when deadline is the key


That sums it up quite nicely. So, @KBConcepts best to use the stable version, not a beta version for production. Hope that’s clear for you now?


Very good descriptions, thank you for taking the time to post this. In “software terminology” there is no real cycle to trust when building a projects. All will have some issues.
But the most “stable” to use would be use would be, in the most recent discussion v5 soon to be Build #. The Bugs (additions | corrections | changes) will be worked on, as to make production workers happy.

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there is always bugs or upgrades on any builds, take Mac OS for example,
after the release of a Mac OS like Big Sur: 11, you still have regularly new build, right now we are on 11.7.1
which means none of the os, firmware or whatever in term of software is perfectly bugs free! it is impossible

BUT you have to consider the stable version much better than beta one, and I am sure in 1 year the blocs v5 will have less bugs than the original version we use today…(like Mac OS 11 vs Mac OS 11.7.1)

up to you to upgrade to v5 stable (which is considered as perfectly usable) and enjoying all new features or to keep the v4.5.4 (which is 2 years upgraded and stable too)

“How’s the new software?”
“It doesn’t get any beta than this.”

I’m sorry, this joke is still in alpha. Hopefully it’ll be beta soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol :joy: that made my day, thanks :blush: