Blocs 3.3 on Catalina


No issues so far.
Blocs 3.3 running as usual.


Thats great news!


It certainly is.
I keep testing.


Hi Roger,

I wonder how is your experience with the new system after a few days?


Hi Eldar,
as far as I can tell, Blocs 3.3 beta6 is running with no issues.

Other programs like Pages, Numbers, Filemaker Pro 17 with some plugins, MacGiro etc. running also with no issues.
Brackets OK
Pixelmator Pro OK
Forklift 3.3.3 OK

Canon MG5250 printer works either on WLan or usb.
Canon Lide210 Scanner OK

But there seem to be a major problem with iCloud and also with the App Store.
Changes in Calendar and Contacts will not sync properly.
When make changes on Catalina and go back to your normal OS (Mojave) sometimes the changes appear, sometimes they won’t.
Also there are updates on Catalina for some Apps like Numbers, Pages, BetterRename.
The download works but the installation hangs and will not resume. This problem is often reported in the Apple Developer Forum.

I’m running Catalina on an external USB 3.0 SSD (Samsung portable T5 with 1TB) with a MacMini late 2014. It’s almost as fast as with the internal SSD and also the same speed as on Mojave.

All in all I can say Catalina is fast and smooth.
But we all know, that some drivers or apps will work on the first Beta of a new OS but they won’t with the final release.



Thank you for detailed info! I really appreciate it!


Always my pleasure