Blocs 5.0.1 Released

Hey everyone,

Blocs 5.0.1 has now been released. In the early stages of this major new version of Blocs we aim to get fixes out as fast as possible. So testing will run in shorter periods.

I’ll have the first beta out tomorrow for 5.0.2, with more fixes and improvements.



I have something to ask.

The click does not run.
You cannot select a color.

Both the V5.0.0 and V5.0.1 color selection block buttons do not work.
Works well on block V4.5.4.
Please check what other people think.

You might need to give Blocs permission to screen record. You can do this in prefs.

Which version of MacOS are you running?


Thank you!

  • Catalina color crashing cured for me.

  • Still having issue with clearing the margin on headings, even using the Option key. If possible, it would be great to be able to set the margin across all breakpoints with the Option key, like we do with Alignment. And if possible, I’d prefer to have no margin class set by default.

Two other observations:

  • Blue dots in style panel to indicate changes are great! Thank you! It would be fab if we could have them in class manager too.

  • Another nice to have would be to be able to set the default Container tag for new Blocs in a project. eg, I would set them to default ‘section’.

Great work and many thanks.

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The rule name turns green :sunglasses:


Hi Norm, are the group link image assets going to be part of the fixes in this new Beta?

Ah, nice. But I meant on the icons, so we can see at a glance what properties have been modified


And any chance of a scroll bar in the inspector panel on the right so those of us using an un-programmable tablet can scroll down to get to the options without having to reach for a mouse?

It seems that running the beta alongside stable builds is requiring the resetting of permissions for the colour selector with every update. I had 5.0.1b1 installed, then moved it to the trash when the stable release was installed. Now 5.01 stable is simply called Blocs, however I had to set the privacy settings again to switch it away from the beta reference. This suggests it will always be necessary to go through this procedure if we work with betas.

That’s a nice idea. I like it.


Thank you Norm for the Open in Browser button fix, works beautifully. :grinning:

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I’m still trying to track the cause, it seems to only effect a few users.

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I am probably the only one who thought to use groups. Back then they looked like a good idea.

I updated to 5.0 about a week ago & then today updated to 5.0.1. After I made some changes to one of my sites, I uploaded it and the jpg images were all missing. I looked at the extensions of the images and they changed to WebImages instead of jpgs. So I need to reconnect all of these new WebImages. I hadn’t heard of WebImages before. This will take a bit of time for me to get the images visible again. Also, the background colors that I had selected before have changed. I haven’t yet figured out how to get them back. I had a white center and blue sides. Now most of the pages are solid blue. Fortunately the text is grey and still shows up.
I am running MacOS 12.6.1 on a MacBook Pro Apple 1. Another thing that has been happening even before this but is still happening is when I export, quite often but not always, I end up with duplicate images in my imp file. Then have to delete all the dupes. This happened today with the WebImages. I am up to 3 copies of each.

You can turn webp images off in the project settings.

Also when you uploaded it, did you publish with Blocs or another app?

Hello @Norme ,
small question about web images, I use webp images on my site is that Blocks pre-saved the web images in webp or it does no action in this case?

I uploaded with Commander One PRO.

Hi @Norm, I’m still on Blocs version 4.1.1 and will upgrade to 5.0.x at some stage once all the issues have been ironed out.

Is version 5 a free upgrade for version 4 owners or do we have to pay for the upgrade? I cannot seem to locate this information on the website.

Hi @Samazar, It’s a paid upgrade with a discount for Blocs 4 owners. Blocs Website Builder - Upgrade


Is there any situation where you should better not use WebP instead of jpg? WebP is often more than half smaller in file size which I think is very beneficial.