Bric Update: Tab Anything - Gen 2

Hi everyone,

I LOVE the enthusiasm that’s been shown for this project so far. Now let’s kick it up a notch.

I’ve rewritten much of Tab Anything and it’s even more useful, has even more layout control and a few surprises. Tab Anything is more than the sum of it’s parts. It can breath life into a site both functionally and in terms of a modern UX designs are achieved rapidly.

This is a huge point release, it’s really a generation 2 build, but it’s officially released as just version 1.2

New features include:

  • (25) tabs per instance!
  • Filter-mode reserves first tab for listing all tabs
  • New “rotate” setting for vertical labels
  • Enhancements to the alignment settings
  • Still uses button group for max accessibility


Tab Anything 1.3 - Free Update

Login using the same address you made the purchase with. If you haven’t logged in before or don’t know the password reset it using the same email.


Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 6.29.31 PM

New Filter Mode applied to a vertical tab with new rotated labels.


Layout tweaks and additions.


This is simply awesome! Thanks @Whittfield

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Fantastic, thanks @Whittfield

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I haven’t bought it but i will.
On Blocs Store it says still Version 1.1.
Should I buy that version and then upgrade?

@Whittfield thanks for the upgrade. Well improved features. I will recommend everyone to upgrade blocs 3.5.6 first before upgrading the bric. It was not working well on blocs 3.5.5.

Wow, quick and free !

Indeed, we’re loving your brics.

Many thanks.


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This sounds great, I have one question. I was reading the docs before installing and under key features it says “Choose from Text, Bullets or Barrs for navigation”. Can you still use images for labels?

Just want to make sure before installing.

@Whittfield Thanks You!


Got it.
Although it says Version 1.1.0 it’s actually 1.2.
Bought it.

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Thanks for the heads up, I’ve changed it now.

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Just downloaded and found that if I simply install no message pops up telling me it is replacing an older version. Indeed the old version remains unless removed manually.

Screenshot 2020-11-12 at 13.47.16

Yes these are technically two separate brics. I had to rebuild that UI from scratch to achieve that.

I did it because I didn’t want to lose the original in case it had been deployed in a massive way by some folks already. I wanted to give people a way to go back to what they had if any issues come up. Eventually and rather soon, I’ll be deprecating v1.1

I noted above that there will be issues if you just update and leave the same buttons… or try to mix them. But I’m doing everything I can to make things better for customers when the html changes in a bric. For now this is an effort in that direction. Next I’m getting in-app updates back up and running for all brics :wink:


This is one of the most useful addons. Only one small request for the future is a sliding effect without fading. That would make this a 10.

Hi @chicuelo,

Thank you so much for the kind words!

You definitely get it! :wink:

I’ll see what I can cook up for a future release.


Yes! this time it worked! Im so happy with this bric :grinning:

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Yes @casey1823, it still supports images and images with labels.


@Whittfield the new version is much improved. It’s a great addition having the ability to add more tabs.
I will have to redo my template in Blocs for my blog but it’s no big deal. I’ll bet I can change it a lot faster than it took you to release the upgrade?. :joy:

Thanks again, all the developers are helping take Blocs to the next level.


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@Whittfield Yes it was a bit confusing as both appeared in the bric box…Maybe you can have a different color to differentiate the two? For those that choose to have both versions.

hey @Whittfield - this is brilliant !!!

Will there be a page showcasing it all? will be buying it anyway - but be good to see what can be done to suit a style of something i’m building - great work !

I start my wishlist for future updates of this great bric!

  • Slide transitios between tabs without fading
  • Full width on vertical layout so it fills the column horizontally (great for a text menu with color background)
  • Ability to set arrows like a carrousel to navigate next/prev tabs

I bought the first version and just wanted to upgrade. As it looks like the Gumroad link is broken. Did someone else have the direct link for me? Or is there another way to upgrade?