Copy content between documents


@jdw :joy:

######## Thanks guys, I’m going to submit the bug report, I appreciate your time! #######


Thanks @casey1823, I’ve basically done that as I started with .active-page but changed it to .active when I found the user doc instructions, which explains that .active is somehow baked into Blocs and Bootstrap.

So that’s when I started over with .active.

Same results with both, i.e. flakey.

To answer your question, I just created the .active class and didn’t apply it to anything, which I think is correct.


Yes you did it corectly. You must have something conflicting with the active class?



This is what it looks like for me in Brave. One point I would note is that the site did seem very slow loading to open the home page and your animated menu links sliding into position at staged intervals doesn’t help that impression.


Hmmm… thanks @casey1823, an interesting thought, although everything works just peachey in preview mode.

I’ve got a class to define the colour of the nav bar (white) and the transparency (80%)…

And another called sticky-nav.sticky for the lovely soft shadow under the nav bar.

I think as @pixelwork suggests, it’s time for the pro’s to take a look!

(Oh, and some header code for the nav bar blur.)


I don’t understand the root problem, so I therefore don’t understand why I alone am seeing the missing letter problem in your red text. But when I disable “font-weight: bolder” the red text displays normally, as shown in the following animated GIF:


I cannot help thinking this should be split into a separate forum thread.


There was, but nobody replied, as I said above!


@JDW worrisome, I’ll pass that on to @Norm in another bug report, thanks!


Well at this point you’ve received many replies that have nothing to do with the original topic. A moderator could presumably move this part elsewhere.


It’s exactly to do with the original topic in terms of wish listing sophisticated stuff when the basics aren’t working.

I can’t help it if so many lovely people are replying!


The subject is “Copy content between documents”


Well anyway, thanks for your contributions to my post.


Indeed. But the bright side is that the off-topic discussion caused this important Wish List thread to garner more than 50 replies, ensuring that more eyes will be on it, and hopefully as a result, this dream feature will become a reality!
One can hope! :slight_smile:

Best wishes to you regarding a solution, @Ian!


It’s kind of already a reality. Just turn a page into a template or save custom blocs. That way existing content can be opened in any project and deleted when no longer needed.


Thank you for the tip, @Flashman!


Ian, what default encoding do you have on your Safari browser adjusted? (Preferences —> advanced —> Default Encoding)


Hi, it’s the default as far as I know, as per the pic.

Bear in mind the same issues apply to iPhone, and Macs running Chrome and Firefox, both downloaded purely to test websites, nothing else, and which are on their default settings.


Fine on my 15" 2018 retina MBP.


Even after going along the whole menu and back? It works briefly for me but then stops after 4 to 6 clicks.