Drag and Drop on BLOCS 3?

Is there the drag and drop function on blocs 3?
Thanks! :crazy_face:

Hi welcome to the forum. What actually do you mean in regards to drag and drop?

There has only been a limited public reveal by @norm to this point concerning features Blocs 3 will have. He is mostly showing teasers via social media as he no doubt continues to prepare things for release.

@Eldar has kept up with these teasers and created a Blog article:

So its difficult for anyone to say concerning your inquiry, but he has mentioned things previously throughout the forum publicly as seen below if these are what you are speaking of?

So it would appear there will be some level of improvement and new approaches based solely on those statements. But otherwise we will all have to wait in anticipation of Blocs 3. You can also follow the Blocs social media accounts to keep up to date with the latest teasers about Blocs 3 he reveals.

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yes, I’m sorry, can the elements be moved simply with the mouse inside the interface? click and drag …

Hi @Petrunky

The above is all anyone knows at this point, we will need to wait and see.