New bric - Owl Carousel


Hello @Lucas,
I bought swiper long ago but I have not had the opportunity to update it or see the new brics on Weavers Kingdom because I can not log in.
I tried to request the psw from the email address used to purchase Swiper but nothing comes back to me. …can you help me? Thank you


It happens the same to me too @blasco. I have tried to recover my password, and it is impossible, it does not return any email, but the purchase data is correct. I think something weird is happening in the system @Lucas!!

Please see if you can review it, to access the updates!
Thanks in advance. :wink:


Hi @blasco and @Dreamsur

I found a workaround: enter your email address with which you bought the bric at

It will then send you an email from which you can download the bric again. My understanding is that these are the updated latest versions.