New bric - Owl Carousel


It causes always an issue if there is another lightbox on the same site.
I reported this in October but it´s simply denied by the developer, so no further exitement.


Things needs to be fixed. Because we payed for this. And i checked the code. I thought it is maybe because fo the class lightbox and data attributes. But there is no usage of that kind of attribute. So it’s maybe the owl js file that use. or had conflict with jquery js file somewhere.


Well, I am not a Cody, just tried it several times after purchsae and it didn´t work for me as I have a bunch of lightbox galleries on the same site.
It´s only my personal perspective, but I hope third party devs will not mess around with their tools like in RW.
Blocs is such a great tool with even more potential and this forum is simply stunning.


Am using owl as a code on several pages without bric. And it works like a charm with lightbox for example. There is owl code integrated directly from their code and lightbox for video. And it works. So i think there is just an conflict between those js files. Or maybe something else in the code.

But i think the bric dev can take a look and find out what the problem is.


Hi @rusmir yep I can see the issue, the video lightbox cannot be triggered unless Owl lightbox is enabled. I’ll take a look and get back to you asap.


Thanks Lucas