New bric - Swiper / Full page slider

Swiper - Full page slider now available.

Details and live demos available here: Archetypon

There are so many features to Swiper, I’ll list the most relevant here:

  • Four transitions: Slide, Fade, 3D Coverflow and Flip.
  • Close button with URL
  • Optional progress bar and counter
  • Caption for each image with selectable font size
  • Two caption positions: bottom left and centered
  • Link button with URL assigned to each image
  • Autoplay with selectable speed
  • Optional mouse wheel navigation
  • Color options for all elements

I’ve made videos on installation and more advanced topics, all available at the manual here:

Important: Swiper requires Blocs 2.5.1

I’d like to thank all that helped me test Swiper. Also a huge thank to Norm for his work with Blocs, I’m really happy and excited in developing for this amazing application.


Good news.
Is there a trial version?

@Bootsie There’s no trial version, but many live demos available :wink:

Forget the trial.
I’m buying it right as we speak.


Done. Payed. Downloaded.


Is there a discount of promo code HAHAHA

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@mackyangeles nope sorry.
@Bootsie great thanks! Don’t forget to use Blocs 2.5.1 :wink:

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You have a very expensive bric there. WAH!!! but I need it! Buy! :slight_smile:

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More brics please!!! :slight_smile:


Hi @Lucas, now how do I change the font style???

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In proportion it costs more than Blocs but … we have so requested that now we can not “not buy it”!
welcome more brics

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This is a really special day for Blocs, thank you for taking the time to get involved with the community and also for putting the time into contributing towards making Blocs an even better product!

And I hope we see many more new and exciting additions to Blocs going forward from yourself and others.

Good luck with the launch :+1:


It may be a special day for Blocs users but I asked myself, do I just want this, or do I really need this? I’m sure some will want to purchase it. For me it’s not worth $25.00. I think Lucas has the experiences so he probably knows what price point has worked in the past as he also does stacks and I wish him gook luck.


You really have to think for this… My impulsiveness struck me… Here it’s PHP1,300.00 which is alot of money for a bric. Added another problem. I know he did an awesome job but with a waiting period like that and teasers everywhere… now when you try it you can’t even change the font style and no additions like atleast additional text for taglines. WAH!!! To all bric builders out there… please do a demo bric then we can buy. Pfft. kindda disappointed with this waiting and now I’m experiencing anther problem. :expressionless:

@mackyangeles Of course you can change fonts in Swiper, it’s done very easily by using the classes panel. In fact captions are headers that can be edited, I’ll make a video about it later today to help.


That’s a support! Thank you @Lucas, also it is possible yo add a tagline?

Congratulation to both Norm and Lucas. This is a really high quality sophisticated Bric that can add a real wow factor to many web designs. Blocs App has just gained a lot of momentum.

If anyone wants to add a Bric like that but thinks the price is too high they can just go on a course and then after many hours spend many more hours perfecting and testing it to the degree that Lucas has done. Of course if you have an issue with your own code you would have to debug it, but you would gain comfort knowing that you saved yourself $20.


I started a new project to test Swiper with Blocs 2.5.1.

Added six images - worked OK.
Edited the caption - OK
Edited the url - the same url (or text) appears in all six images
Made color adjustments, enabled close button etc - OK
Then I previewed in browser - OK.

I went back to the swiper bric and had no more access to it.
I could not make any changes or remove or add images.

@Bootsie this is odd, I cannot reproduce this one here at all. Also the same text for the link are used for all images, but very image can have it’s own URL’s. Did you tried different URL’s for each image and it’s not working?

@mackyangeles tag lines is not something that’s currently possible, but I’ll note for future consideration.

Also I’ve made a new article with video as promised, about fonts and typefaces:

@webdeersign well put, thanks. Add to that the support hours too :grinning: