Repository Manager 2.4.1

Hello everyone,

I am glad being able to publish a new custom bric today.

Repository Manager

Perfect for Warehousing File Manager, Media Browser, FTP Application, Online Text Editor.

Organize your warehoused photos and assets directly on your server without FTP client. Provide your customer a way to upload and download documents. Working standalone and together with Volt CMS.


Great Jannis, thanks!

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Thanks! Done :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Great idea!

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all kind of files

What file type uploads does it support are there any limitations?

Not that I know of. Certainly there are file size limitations regarding the PHP server settings.

Is there any file sanitization in place regarding security where needed?

No, that’s out of scope. Maybe there are PHP libraries which are doing this automatically for file uploads.

For the Demo
Login information: username admin / password admin

How does Repository Manager differ from Forklift 3, Pathfinder 10 or Commander One Pro?
Please list what you can think of?

How do you get a link (Add hosted Asset) to any of the media files to use when using Blocs Asset Manager?

There is a context menu on each file to copy the link to the clipboard.

Repository Manager is no FTP application. It’s a PHP web interface with reduced functionality.

It’s perfect for fast upload of files. You’re able to give access to users not able to execute a FTP application, or from a mobile device.

It works great together with Volt CMS, where each logged in user is able to access only his own subfolder (which will be really useful for an upcoming members add-on for Volt CMS).

So using Copy Link? :slight_smile:

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: yes that sound like copy to clipboard :+1:

Not sure if you saw this.

Let’s say there are lots of images to link to… does that mean we have to do one by one?
You have as an example: Home 50 images.

Can they be all added to the Image Asset Manager at once?

Also I don’t like the way Blocs has all images in the img Folder with no Sub Folders… will this take care of that? Will we be able to make separate Folders with just those images?

These are questions regarding the Blocs asset manager.
Afaik, they cannot be added at once.

Subfolders inside the Blocs asset manager would be a feature request for @Norm

That is one of the reasons to use Local Asset then. :slight_smile: To me that is something very important, as there are so many good reasons, to implement into Blocs or your new Bric.

Using a lot of local assets is never good. It blows up your project file. Adding a lot of images to the project file will lead very fast to project files with some hundreds of MB.

But that’s not a discussion which should be lead here.

Regardless, you understand the need to add all images at once, instead one by one linking.
Also to have those images in their relative folders. :slight_smile:

Excellent @Jannis, good to know this is available. I am sure it’s going to come in really handy.


That’s not something I can do, as this is a functionality inside Blocs app.

Blocs will not be able to look into a server directory and list the files in this directory.