Sub-pages on blocs?

Hello, is there a way to make subpages in blocs? for example:

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Not at the moment and it’s something I would like to see for more complex sites. I’d have to check on this, however it may be possible once we have the option of exporting to Wordpress.

It can be done by code but uff

I am waiting for this feature as currently I cannot make any site

as even for blog there is no way to have blogs under the /blog/

which is really stupid and make the whole thing really useless

I have requested it also but haven’t seen any update yet

I think blocs is more for the people who make website 4-5 pages and not a complex site with blogs or categories

You are able to create one or multiple blogs inside a project with Volt CMS:

does this keep all blogs under the subdirectory/folder



No. Which also IMO does not make sense.

You aren’t able to add these kind of sub pages inside Blocs.

You would still be able to have a blog under

ok and this is only possible with volt CMS?

and I can only edit online or I can also edit it directly from blocsapp?

There are also other CMS solutions available for Blocs providing a blog functionality.

The CMS solutions are all working online only.