Tab Anything 1.6.1 Update

Tab Anything 1.6.1 (Standard and Pro)

Both standard and Pro versions of Tab Anything have been updated to version 1.6.1
Get them through the Extension Manager or re-download from Gumroad library.

What’s new?

  • Fixed: Mobile Dropdown for Bootstrap 5 (backwards compatible for BS4)
  • Fixed: Resets video now when you switch tabs.
  • Change: Reset Video option is now active by default.
  • Fixed: Image placeholders were visible when they should not be on Safari.

About This Update

The mobile dropdown update requires a reset for the HTML on your Blocs page. I try to minimize as much as possible resetting the entire bric, however this update for Bootstrap 5 markup requires this. Luckily TA is so fast to setup and you can leave all you content in place.

If you are not using the dropdown feature, but you do want to use the Video Reset, you can just reset the “resources” only and leave the HTML and your setting in place… This only refreshes the attachments. (right click on bric… Reset Custom Bric > Resources)

How to Update

  1. Remove the extension and add a new one. Leave your content in place.
  2. If you need to change the ID of your new instance do that.
  3. If you need to add more tabs do that.

That’s it! Tab Anything has control of your content.

Thanks for your continued support!



Did you happen to develop any documentation for Tab Anything Pro?

Docs are always in the download and they are linked to from my site.

Thank you :smiley:

I was looking for some on Media Query, but did not see it there.

This post is detailed and video cover what is currently available. I’ll add this info to a Google Doc soon.

It’s really easy to setup, but coming up with creative use cases is something I’d like to cover more in depth at some point.

You did a great job on the video. Thank you, for putting that together.

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thx Whitfield how does one update … it’s not automatic? I bought Tab anything pro but its asking me to buy again. Thanks

I am not seeing the update in the extension manager.

Neither am I for the PRO version?

I got the update but the dropdown menu still doesn’t work with BS5.

@Flashman, @CGnyc - It just occurred to me that you won’t see a listing for PRO because it is a variation of standard version and doesn’t have its own product listing in the Blocs Store.

There’s really no immediate remedy to this other than just re-downloading it.

I’ll take a look at my options for changing this in the future.

See my previous post about the Pro version and in-app updates.

Also, the bundles were only updated this morning, so you might just now see them.

I can’t reproduce your issue. Do you have a link or some more info to go on. (1.5 MB)
Here’s a short video.
New project build with Blocs 4.4.1.

Hold on …
I think I found the reason.
The extension manager only updated the normal version. The Pro is still 1.6
I will now try to re-download the Pro version and install it.
Hold on …

I solved the problem.
I threw my computer out of the window.
That took care of it.
Passe …


Yeah, did that once as well. Found out shortly after it was my wife’s Macbook. From there I had two problems…


hey there yes i did re download… I bought the Tab Anything and TA Pro during the holiday sale so my screenshot is saying I only have tab Anything Pro and NOT Tab Anything. so I am confused. Is Tab Anything Pro the same TA and Pro?

I may have made a mistake and bought the wrong Bric?. Im not sure