What Brics would you like to see?

Hi all,

Just for an interesting topic, I thought it would be interesting not just for @Norm for future Blocs updates, but for our great developers who are making brilliant Brics we are all enjoying.

I’d like to start a fun wish list of what kind of brics people would love to see that they find either time consuming to get a result, having a complex time with code to get it to work or maybe something they used/seen on other builders and would LOVE to see this either in Blocs or as a Bric.

I would love to start this off with a couple of my wishes for this to be in a bric or in blocs!

I would love to see a multi use slider with lots of options. RW have one called Splider which is stunning and would love these huge amount of options in Blocs from one purchase.

Image Mask
We do have the brilliant Bloc Mask, but I would love to see’ Image mask’ now. I am hoping this is something Norm can introduce into Blocs itself as I for one love to see websites with lots of images in various shapes and styles rather than square or round, which tends to be the norm (norm!..sorry!.. :joy:)
I do think this would be a bit of a gamer changer in how we all look at blocs websites as sometimes they do get a little bit the same.

I would love to see Image Mask the most, as I want changes more for our visual approach now rather than lots of updates in areas the majority will not use…but I guarantee a lot of us will use image mask! (oh yeah, with a HUGE selection of masks and possibly option of uploading custom ones)

Thanks all…

please fire your own ones you would like to see!

There’s probably a work around for it, but I’d like to see a ‘floating side tab’ bric to slide out/ open an email or newsletter subscription form, etc.

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You can make that in Blocs :grin:


I second this. It uses the Splide slider code, is super light and does everything - Mobile thumb swipe, synced multiple sliders, full screen fades and slides, peek next or previous slide on edge, etc…

See https://splidejs.com/

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yeah - it has everything! like a Swiss army knife of sliders !
@PeteSharp is surely looking for a new project now!!!

or maybe one for @Jerry to get his teeth into !!!..if we can drag him away from the :palm_tree: :cocktail: :joy:

With an existing Bric or does it have to be coded…or have you already featured this in one of your videos?

I have enough projects to chip away at. :joy:

A few things I’m trying to get out of the pipeline. The rest of the Offcanvas Extensions :grimacing:

Almost no code.

You would use some additional CSS for a smooth transition of it sliding out.

Position tools are your friend here. There are several ways to make these.

It’s possible I may have posted a basic proof of concept on the forum ages ago. I have a feeling I did. And if I did it was probably before we had position options in the class editor. So it’s even easier now.

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…or you could just add this functionality with another one of you excellent Brics :smile:

Could be a wait :joy:

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I needed you last week as I had to organise a National competition. 14 hours of live streaming with 4 cameras, a live radio show, photographers, 7 teams competing, the prime minister for the prize giving and a 300 guest cocktail afterwards. Not forgetting the sega dancers :dancer: :dancer: and :coffee: for everybody at 5AM, :grin:

At the moment I don’t even have time to get a one-page website up for my upcoming Pagelingo Bric which is tested and ready for its launch.

Your suggestions are added to the list.

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Sounds like fun !!! bet the food and drink was flowing at that event!
Miss seeing all my family dancing to the sega…the memory of when we went to London as a child with all the family over in the UK from Mauritius and the music playing! - But seeing it Mauritius was another level! Oh I miss my mums Dholl Puri, Biryani…as she has sadly passed away it would mean going back one day to live the life again!

It’s floating around on the forum :grin:


Looks fancy :joy:

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Is it true that all male Kidds in Mauritius are called Alex :rofl:

Hi Adie:

For us non-professionals, it is hard to say what we’d like to see, mainly because we don’t know enough to ask.
Frankly, I’d like to see many of the Rapidweaver Plug ins over here in Blocs.
Some of our Bric creators also create plug ins over there, so I’d like to see all of the RW plug ins you create over there, over here in Blocs as Brics. Sure, you will ask which ones, and I say all of them.

Back in the days when I was using Dreamweaver, I was buying plug ins from these folks.

I loved them all…and all were very helpful.

Is there something that Blocs does not offer to developers that would help make creating BRICS in Blocs faster/easier/more appealing?
If yes, what is it that Norm and team could do?

Rich the Weather Guy

Ok, Splide Slider sounds interesting - I’ll take that one on !

I’ve got a big update to get out in the next couple days & release of another bric probably next week, but then I’ll start digging into Splide - it will probably take a while, as that is a very large library :smile:



Sliders as you, Blocs only proposes fade in and horizontal sliding ; a slider with multiple choices and stunning fx (as eg https://www.leaderstrust.com) would be great.

As for texts ; there are already texts but only by sentances ; by letters (as the eg) is much more dynamic and modern.

If Cazoobi doesn’t intend to add theses feat, as suggestion for developers (personally I would immediately buy such brics).

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Amazing @Bill - if it’s half as good as the one in RW then it’s a purchase from me……I’ve been wanting this for a long time!!!

If you need a tester - let me know :+1:


Great news Bill!!!

Rich the Weather Guy