Where can I learn about bric editor / builder

I cannot find any documentation on this. Anyone know how to use can share?

Most things are in the general help documentation and you just need to search for them https://help.blocsapp.com

If you type in “bric builder” you find a range of options including this https://help.blocsapp.com/knowledge-base/developer-api-introduction/

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For some not familiar with building Brics for Blocs are there people out there designing useful ones that offer them to us?

It’s a process that is starting but should improve dramatically in the next few months.

In the meanwhile you could check out these options:



https://instacks.com is due to start building for Blocs soon and these are all experienced developers.

If you look inside the custom brics section of this forum you will also find some free (but very cool) brics like:


Animated Background

On the question of designing blocs we are all doing this every day as we build websites and the trick is to save them them as custom design layouts while you are working if you do something interesting, so they can be used in future just like any other bloc. These can be exported to the desktop and then shared with others.


Thanks for putting this together. :slight_smile: