Will Blog Functionality Ever Happen in Blocs?

Because of the SEO value of having and maintaining a website blog, I am seeing more and more people want them. I’m quoting a job right now that will have a blog and I can’t do it in Blocs so will have to use Square Space or Wordpress instead (which I’ve never used). I realize @Eldar has the Blog template, but this client wants to do their own updates - via a CMS - so the Blocs template will not work in that situation.

If Blocs doesn’t plan to incorporate blog functionality at some point soon, I foresee that I will likely have to begin building my future websites with probably WP.

@Norm? Any talk of this?

Warm Regards, - Randy

Blocs will soon have an option for exporting projects to WP. That should fix it for you.


Will I be able to import back into Blocs as needed for content updates?

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That is unknown at present, but once it is live I doubt you would need that because it can all be edited online. You could probably tweak the theme though and make changes that way.


@Creative funny, for the most part I discourage clients from having a blog, purely because most of them never update it. Nothing worse than going to a website and seeing 4 blog entries. 3 from 2 years ago and 1 that’s 7 months old :rofl:. Depending on the business I do suggest they create articles than are not dated. I do however suggest they are active in social media.

In your case I would use Blocs to design and then export for a CMS. I use OctoberCMS for that. If your using a CMS, you don’t import back into blocs to add content, that’s what the CMS is for.

I don’t expect Blocs to manage dynamic sites.

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@Flashman and @Malachiman, thanks for your input. @Malachiman, do you suggest the ‘articles’ be published on the website, or somewhere else on the web and backlinked to the website? I’ve been working hard to learn SEO best practices for months and appreciate any input you may have.

I include them on the site.

If you’re using a CMS it’s easy to implement using a blogging system that you just disable displaying the date on. So 1. It’s easy for the client to update or create and 2. If they abandon the idea or are inconsistent it doesn’t matter.

A lot depends on the clients and their area of business. A blog may be the best thing.

I use the motto “just because we can do something, doesn’t mean we should”.


I am building a website at the moment for a client who has an existing WP blog on a separate domain and I advised him it would be better bringing it all under one roof.

The plan is to build the main site in Blocs, remove the blog from the current domain and set up a redirect. Afterwards we’ll copy over the database and place it in a directory on to the Blocs site. I’ll simply create an empty blog folder on the server and place it in there, along with a menu link from the main header.

The real problem with this plan is that my wife has dragged me to a garden centre to look at the Christmas decorations. I first have to escape.


“The real problem with this plan is that my wife has dragged me to a garden centre to look at the Christmas decorations. I first have to escape.”

@Flashman: I feel sorry for you…


That’s exactly how it’ll work.

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i’ve started a project and use this little script to include a blog into a blocs-site: https://simplephpscripts.com/design-blog-php/
The configuration an setup is really simple and the support fast & easy.
And there is also a CMS-Script available.



This will eventually be happen inside Volt CMS.


@mr_xing, this is intriguing! Does this solution allow each of my clients to have their own unique login and dashboard portal?

@InStacks… Eventually?


I think this question is best answered by the developer.
And there are also corresponding demo pages for the products: https://simplephpscripts.com/simple-cms-php/demo.php


I am currently concentrating on the pure CMS features, and based on user feedback, I will integrate blog functionality also. Let’s see :wink:


Thanks to @mr_xing, I have found a blog solution https://simplephpscripts.com/simple-cms-php/demo.php that seems to integrate very well into Blocs projects! Here’s a link to my blog which I’ve just completed. (I’ve added 4 older posts that were on my old non-Blocs website).


This is BIG NEWS as I have needed a decent blog plugin for quite some time and thus far, I’m quite pleased with this one! @Norm, what do you think? @Eldar?

Here’s a screenshot of the CMS admin panel. There’s a ton of options for modifying the blog to fit the styling of the brand and website color/font scheme, and if you’re familiar with editing CSS, you can do further modifications (which I did to tweak the styling for mobile):

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This is the one I plan on putting to good use.


do you have a link showing it being used in a website? I’d be interested in seeing it for comparison!

Blog functionality will come to Volt CMS in the next months.

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