Blocs v4 - wish list

I just skimmed through the responses. Did I miss someone mentioning CSS Grid support as an alternative to Bootstrap? :grin: Or will Blocs remain Bootstrap only?

And if I may add one more… I’d love to see adding and editing custom stylesheets improved. Maybe some sort of built in editor, that let us create and edit a css file from within blocs? Needless to say, Bloc should be able to reflect the changes without the need to restart the app.

Ah well, I can dream, can I?

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1 - Set different languages in one project with best google search practices
2 - more email form capabilities
3 - more bricks like tables, pricing and more predefined bricks, and hero section capabilities like changing the nav when scrolling

Use and configure PHPMailer

  • simple CMS to allow users to make basic edit like cahnge text, images
  • more slider, lighbox options
  • FTP publish
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I wish for Blocs 4…:

  • The app to have more options like Photoshop, Ai , well…MUSE…hear me out… I understand that Muse’s code and workflow were a mess, but actually from the designer’s point of view it was pretty good. Really easy to use with tons of options like if were using PS or Ai or inDesign, very design oriented. I like Blocs because is much more robust and also is easy but I think it lacks of more options that can help designers to do beautiful websites without coding. Yes you can do nice looking websites but, IDK maybe there is some limitations with BS 4… is html5 better ? don’t know. What I know is that many times i design the website’s UI as I wanted but it’s not possible for a none coder to do it in a more DESIGN way…hope you know what I mean.

  • Also idk…adding more brics and blocs and cool stuff to make cool UIs that would be nice…

I guess in conclusion what I mean is that I wish Blocs to be more DESIGN oriented and add more options to make it more powerful…juust to named a sample: more fonts options…etc…

thanks :slight_smile:

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The ability to create Mega Menus would be great as well. Currently have a time getting one setup on a client site in a ‘friendly’ non-coding way.

Mega menus are super simple to create. Just add a normal structure bloc under your navigation bloc. In my example illustrated below, I used a 4 column structure bloc. I then added my text links and added a background image (optional). I then made the bloc invisible with the visibility options on the appearance section of the right sidebar. You would then select one of your normal navigation links and set it to Toggle Visibility and then select the mega-menu bloc as the target. Here is what it looks like in normal mode:

When the Recipes link is clicked, the mega menu appears like so:

You can see it in action on the development site HERE


This is a pretty close way to get there.

Blocs 4 has a bunch of new features that let you create an even better mega menu experience.

Not much longer…


Uh … oh … sneak peek? Beta testing? :grin:

Perhaps you can be more specific?


I thought I made it clear already… examples: Photoshop, Ai, InDesign, Muse ( all Adobe lineup )
All these apps give designers a huge range of options related to design, to make their projects better and professional. More font options, more image options, (in the case of Blocs …more brics) more layout options…etc…etc… I think it’s pretty clear…

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Okay. I have no experience of muse.

Design software typically has few restrictions and layout is in a fixed space. Web software can be to a fixed layout, but most web design software is responsive adapting a design according to rules in a variable space.

The way those rules are determined is according to the capabilities of HTML/css and often overlaid by a framework that adds control over where Items can be placed in a hierarchy of containers.

Frameworks are restrictive and they impose structure where before there was a free for all in terms of placement. That structure helps designers deal with a HTML page that can be many different sizes and proportions. The structure created by a framework is even more important when pages are generated from templates connected to a database.

Blocsapp isn’t like a design program because it is dependent on the bootstrap framework that imposes rules and structure to item layout.

So blocsapp gives you structure and easy design convenience within that structure, within a resizable page while design programs give you freedom in a fixed page.

If freeform layout is your goal, blocsapp isn’t ideal. It’s doable but it would be working against the strengths of the software and will never match the ease of placement in a design program.

Essentially software you mention for design convenience is targeted to fixed pages while blocsapp provides structure to variable sized pages.

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what about more tools and options that can work with BS 4 or even 5? more font options, more image options etc… is that NOT possible in Blocs? is Blocs’ main market the developer or both designer and developer?

@Norm any options about this?

@newblocs More font options? How so? You can add and apply every google font you wish, or - if you need to follow the GDPR - use local fonts. No limits there. Can you elaborate what you mean with more font options? Use fonts like a Wordprocessor?

@pauland is right. The focus of apps like Bloc is not primarily on design and depends a lot on the framework they use (Bootstrap, UIKIT, Foundation …), if they use any. We might get more freedom should Blocs 4 come with support for CSS Grid, which is very likely.

If you want more freedom and possibilities, you might want to take a look at Pinegrow, though that needs a bit more understanding of code, despite its drag&drop capabilities. Or - for pure freedom in design - maybe Nicepage is the best alternative for you.

oh, thanks, I’ll check!

I guess you are a programmer.

I’ve used several frameworks in the past (Foundation, Bootstrap, UIKIT), always with several apps that let me use those frameworks. I keep myself informed and try to get a basic understanding of how HTML and CSS work, simply because I’m interested in learning how to get the most out of the apps I use. I might even try and delve into JS and PHP at some point.

Adding custom classes or scripts to e.g. Blocs or any other app for that matter is a lot easier, if you have a basic understanding of at least HTML and CSS. While I might be able to code a simple website by hand and style it accordingly, I would not call myself a programmer or coder. I still need - and prefer - to use a visual approach like Blocs and other apps offer.

If you prefer a pure design approach, take a look at Nicepage, or maybe even Sparkle or Everweb. I’ve tried those too in the past. But the more I get to know HTML and CSS, the more I want to be able to customise what I do in Blocs or RW.

And now - please - back to topic :wink:

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The topic is Blocs v4 wish list… I wished…but as you said it will not… so yeh, dissapointed…moving on